“Give Back” Partner Providers – Merchandise

The Lobster Institute is fortunate to have a variety of merchants who are willing to “give back” a portion of proceeds from the sales of their lobster related merchandise to the Lobster Institute. Our Partner Providers’ generous contributions will help the Lobster Institute in its efforts to sustain a healthy lobster resource and a vital lobster fishery.

We hope you will purchase some of this high-quality merchandise and help support the Lobster Institute at the same time.

  • Hot Lobstah (PDF) A uniquely crafted work of art, the Hot Lobstah is also a serviceable hot plate, cutting board,cheese plate, and more. It is made from recycled lobster shell, glass and other materials. Order through Beachstone.
  • The Platter Ensemble (PDF) This is a functional yet beautiful way to enhance the lobster diners experience. The Platter Ensemble is a pair of oval platters nested one in the other. The top platter is slotted and has an embedded sauce dish for melted butter. All the messy liquid from your lobster dinner drops through the slots to the resevoir platter beneath. Simple, practical and elegant.
  • Habitat Mooring Systems (PDF) These moorings, engineered with the environment in mind, provide not only a solid way to secure your boat, they also provide needed habitat for juvenile lobsters and other marine life.
  • Big Claw Wine (PDF) A specialty wine designed to accompany lobster. The unanimous choice of a panel of experts who all agree Big Claw and Lobster are the perfect pairing. Click here to find a store near you that sells Big Claw Wine (PDF), or order online at Wine Express
  • Lobster Institute Merchandise From Cutler’s Proudly display your support of the Lobster Institute with these great products from Cutler’s. They embroider our fabulous lobster logo on each item –everything from hats, to golf-shirts, to t-shirts, aprons, and more.