(approved by the Lobster Institute Board of Advisors 2/12)

The following values represent the core priorities upon which the mission and vision of the Lobster Institute are based:

  • The Lobster Institute values cooperation among and between scientist, fishermen, marine resource managers, lobstering communities and all constituents within the lobster industry… all working together toward a common goal of a sustainable, thriving fishery and related businesses.
  • The Lobster Institute values conservation of the lobster resource and a respect for the overall environment that sustains all of our natural resources.
  • The Lobster Institute values open communication – a sharing of concerns, knowledge of conditions, accomplishments and research findings within the industry, as well as educational outreach to a broader public
  • The Lobster Institute values the way of life associated with lobstering and lobstering communities that has evolved over the generations… a unique blend of independence, family pride, and community spirit
  • The Lobster Institute values the time-honored tradition of shared access between those who live by and those who make their living from the sea
  • The Lobster Institute values its standing in the lobstering community as a non-political, research/educational organization that listens to and works with the best interests of the fishermen and the lobster industry as a whole in mind.