Featured Photos

We hope you enjoy this collection of photos related to lobsters, the lobster industry, and the many lobstering communities served by the Lobster Institute. We invite you to send in your favorite photo(s) related to lobstering or the coast as additions to this collection. Electronic JPEG files can be sent to cathy.billings@umit.maine.edu or regular photos can be mailed to the Lobster Institute, 210 Rogers Hall, University of Maine, Orono, ME 04469 (Sorry, mailed photos cannot be returned.)

Buster Blue
This photo of Buster Blue, a 2.5 pound blue lobster caught in December 2009 in Jordan’s Basin by Captain Pete Bagley of the F/V Eulah McGrath, was taken by Justin Brook, the pound manager of Little Bay Lobster in New Hampshire. Sent to us by Jen Frampton.