Teacher Resources

Lobsters and the lobstering industry provide a wealth of learning opportunities for students of all ages. Lobsters are an excellent fit in science fields such as biology and anatomy. However, we also encourage teachers to incorporate lobsters into their class curriculum’s in a variety of areas. Whether it is the culture and folklore surrounding lobsters and lobstermen; the economics of the industry; or the process of passing laws and regulations to manage the fishery…the American lobster, and the people and industry that surrounds it, can teach us a great deal.

  • We encourage you to use our site freely in your classroom. Also, click on the link above for a variety of curriculum ideas that can be developed for the middle grades (5-8). Some can easily be incorprated at other grade levels as well
  • Another resource is our Lobster Library — a searchable index of research articles on a number of topics related to lobsters and the lobster industry.
  • We also invite you to click on and explore the other topic areas in the menu line above:
    • The “Life of the American Lobster” contains information on
      1. anatomy & biology
      2. life cylce & reproduction
      3. habitat
      4. diet & digestion
      5. and a lobster quiz you can take online.
    • “Molting Photos & Video” section, which includes links to some of the best pictures we’ve seen of a live lobster molting.
    • “Lobstering Basics” sections include
      1. history
      2. boat design
      3. trap design
      4. lobster industry job descriptions
      5. and a lobstering video
    • “Cooking & Eating Lobster” is a list of frequently asked questions about cooking and eating lobsters.
  • Also see our Industry section for links to a variety of lobster related information such as landing statistics, lobstering organizations, a variety of reports, and much more.
  • You and your class can view oral history interviews conducted by the Lobster Institute on video on the Web by accessing the “Windows on Maine” feature of the University of Maine’s Fogler Library, click here.
  • The Maine State Department of Marine Resources provides some excellent free downloads of educational materials dealing with lobsters and other marine life. Check the education section of their Seb site by clicking here.
  • If your school is within traveling distance from the University of Maine – home of the Lobster Institute – we are willing to come to your classroom and talk about lobsters and the lobster industry. Contact us to schedule a time.

As always, please consider the Lobster Institute your resource for lobster information. Contact us with any questions or direction as you build your lobster-based curriculum.