A Day in the Life of a Downeast Lobster Fisherman

This page will link you to an audio recording of a radio broadcast of the show “Back to Business” that took place August 5, 2006 on WVOM Radio (FM 103.9) in Bangor, Maine. The show, hosted by Deb Neuman, focused on “A Day in the Life of a Downeast Maine Lobster Fisherman”.  Neuman conducted an interview with Richard Pinkham, a lobsterman from Stueben, as she accompanied him on his boat for a day of lobster fishing. She describes what it is like from the time Pinkham’s boat left the docks until they brought the catch in at the end of the day. Also included as part of the show were live interviews with Dr. Jim Acheson of the University of Maine (a Cooperating Research Associate with the Lobster Institute) as well as Lobster Institute Associate Director Cathy Billings. Our thanks to WVOM and Deb Neuman for granting us permission to provide you with this informative look at a day in the life of a lobsterman.

[Please note this is a recording of the entire 2 hour show as provided by WVOM, complete with advertising breaks. This does not imply endorsement by the Lobster Institute of show sponsors or advertisers.]

A Day in the Life — Hour 1

A Day in the Life — Hour 2