Cooperative Industry Research

Ongoing:  Rapid Response Team

Fishermen and the Lobster Institute help UMaine’s Aquatic Animal Health Lab investigate diseased or suspicious looking lobsters through the The Rapid Response Team.


2019 – 2020

Improving Business Practices to Reduce Mortality in the Lobster Supply Chain


A. Monitor water quality and lobster health at critical points along the lobster supply chain (from harvesters, to dealers, to distributors and processors, to end users) and determine stressors that correlate strongly to mortality.

B. Mitigate stress points once identified via low cost improvements to water flow, aeration, handling, and incentives that will enhance survival and profitability.

University of Maine Collaborators:  Lobster Institute,  Maine Aquatic Animal Health Lab, School of Marine Sciences

University of Maine Investigators:  Damian Brady, School of Marine Sciences;  Deborah Bouchard, Maine Animal Health Lab; Andre Goode, School of Marine Sciences Ph.D. candidate; Richard Wahle, Lobster Institute/School of Marine Sciences

Saint Joseph’s College Investigator:  Steve Jury

Wells National Estuarine Research Reserve:  Ben Gutzler

Industry Collaborators:  Maine Lobster Dealers Association, Maine Lobstermen’s Association, Ready Seafood, Cape Seafood