Obtain a license

The University of Maine contracts with a collegiate licensing company — Learfield Licensing. Learfield provides full license management services to more than 620 colleges and universities, athletic conferences and special properties nationwide, including full license management, royalty collection and accounting services, legal and trademark search/registration assistance, complete trademark enforcement/Anti-counterfeiting services, marketing, and brand development services.
Visit Learfield’s website for information about becoming licensed.

Day-to-day administrative licensing reviews are handled through the Division of Marketing and Communications via Learfield’s online approval system. Licensees submit product designs to LRG and LRG sends them to the Division of Marketing and Communications for final approval.

Planning to order a product bearing a mark of the University of Maine for your department, group or club? Are you selling the items or giving it away?
Any branded University of Maine item that is being sold must be ordered through a licensed vendor. Licensed vendors have access to official art files and they have a streamlined approval process to ensure that the product has been reviewed and approved. They are also responsible for the collection of royalties.

A list of University of Maine licensed vendors can be found on Learfield’s website.

It is strongly recommended that items not being sold are also ordered through licensed vendors because of familiarity with UMaine’s brand standards, access to official art files and the streamlined proofing process. However, unlicensed vendors may be used with written approval from the Division of Marketing and Communications. An approved proof is required for approval prior to production by an unlicensed vendor.