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These open session trainings are open to anyone including students, staff/faculty, and community members! Please RSVP via this form if you are interested in attending one of the open session trainings below.

Spring 2021 Safe Zone Training Schedule

All training sessions will be held virtually via Zoom at the following link:

If you are looking to schedule a specific Safe Zone training for a department or group, please contact Robert Jackson at


What is Safe Zone?


The mission of the Safe Zone Project at the University of Maine is to visibly identify and support those members of the University community who are safe and supportive contacts for lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans*, intersex, queer, questioning students, staff and faculty.


The University of Maine is an inclusive community that thrives on diversity and actively embraces the unique contributions of all people. Our program works to inspire the community to craft their own strategy for being affirming and inclusive individuals for others. By doing so, we hope to create a network of people who are dedicated to creating and sustaining a long-term safe community.


  • To educate participants on the meaning of various terms, identities, and concepts in relation to sexual orientation, romantic orientation, and gender identity & expression.
  • To spread awareness of the challenges that folks have faced or are more likely to face who identify in the Queer and/or Trans* communities.
  • To facilitate an opportunity for participants to figure out their part in creating change to alleviate some of those challenges.
  • To provide a welcoming environment and safe places within our campus community for lesbian, gay, bisexual or trans* people by establishing an identifiable network of allies who can provide support, information and a safe place for LGBTQ persons within our campus community.

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Guidelines for Safe Zone Allies

As a Safe Zone Ally, we ask that you follow these guidelines:

  • Respect each individual’s privacy. We are asking you to keep contacts confidential. When discussing ally issues with other allies, refrain from disclosing personal or identifying details of a student. Confidentiality means not disclosing identifying details about someone.
  • Consult the Rainbow Resource Center staff whenever you have questions or would like feedback on how to support or advise a student. Refer students for counseling when appropriate. If a student is experiencing extreme psychological distress and is having difficulty coping, suggest that counseling may be helpful to him or her. Note: If you are feeling overwhelmed or worried about a student, referring them to the Counseling and Student Wellness Resource Center would be appropriate. You can also refer them to the RRC at 207.581.9517.
  • Your Safe Zone sign is considered University property. If it is defaced or torn down, report the incident to us by calling 207.581.9517.
  • Keep your resource manual and new materials that may be periodically sent to you in a location that is accessible and familiar to you. It is permissible to copy materials from the resource manual. If you have suggestions for material you would like to see added to the manuals that are distributed, please contact the following person:
  • Robert Jackson, 207.581.9517,