Preferred Names

Students have a choice of displaying their preferred first name instead of their legal first name, or in addition to their legal first name on many platforms across campus. Authorized changes to preferred names will be almost immediate. Please see this page from student records for information about where a preferred name change will be displayed: Updating Personal Information

To change your display name in the portal, log into Mainestreet Portal and follow the instructions below.

  1. When in your Mainestreet account, click on the Student Self-Service link.
  2. Click on Student Center.
  3. Find the “Personal Information” section and click on “Names”.
  4. Click edit, add your preferred name and save.

Students also have the option of having their preferred name on their Maine Card. To make a request please contact one of the following persons:

  1. Dr. Robert Dana,, 315 Memorial Union, 207.581.1406
  2. Dr. Kenda Scheele,, 315 Memorial Union, 207.581.1406
  3. Silvestre Guzmán,, 312 Memorial Union, 207.581.1437

You can also change your display name in the Google system. While this will not change your root address, it will change the name displayed for internal emails, as well as in Google Drive, Calendar, and other Google platforms. To change your name across all Google platforms, you will need to make the change in Google Plus. To do so, follow these instructions:

  1. Log into your UMaine google account, and navigate to Google+.
  2. If you do not use Google+ you will need to activate your account.
  3. Click on profile in the menu on the left side of your screen
  4. Click edit profile, and then the small “i” to edit about me.
  5. You can then change your display name to be reflected across Google platforms.

Need help letting your professors know about your preferred name? Refer to this email template!

Please be advised that changing to a preferred name is not the same as legally changing your name through the court system. Therefore the preferred name will not be reflected on, among other official and legal documents, official academic records, financial aid applications, transcripts or employee official records.