Fabrication of Sensors and Microelectronic Devices

Class 1000 Clean Room, Photolithography,
Chemical Wet Processing, Deep Reactive Ion Etcher,
Wafer Dicing Saw, Device Bonding / Packaging

Fabrication of SensorsA variety of sensors and other microelectronic devices can be fabricated using thin film deposition chambers and photolithographic patterning equipment that are located in a class 1000 clean room. Fabrication facilities include: electron beam evaporator, rf & dc magnetron sputtering, contact printer/mask aligner, spin coater, reactive ion etcher, profilometer, and wet benches. Tools to dice and package the devices area available including an ultrasonic bonder, parallel gap welder, spot welders and a wafer dicing saw.

Fabrication of SensorsA 3000 ft2 class 1000 cleanroom facility with higher cleanliness microenvironments is currently under construction in our new research building. In addition to expanding our current capabilities, this facility will include equipment for fabricating micro-electromechanical (MEM’s) devices and microsystems. Included will be furnaces for CVD film growth, photomask making and photolithography tools, additional thin film deposition tools and dry etching tools including deep reactive ion etching (DRIE). This latter equipment is part of the MicroInstruments and Systems Laboratory.