Brian Frederick

FrederickAssociate Professor of Chemistry

Appointments: Associate Professor, Laboratory for Surface Science and Technology
Associate Professor, Forest Bioproducts Research Initiative

Address: 5708 ESRB-Barrows, Room 153
Telephone: 207.581.2268
Email: briangf”at”

Education: 1991 Ph. D. Cornell University

Professor Frederick is developing hydrodeoxygenation catalysts that will produce high quality fuels and chemicals from pyrolysis oils made from woody biomass. His research group utilizes a variety of experimental and theoretical methods, including in-situ spectroscopic and high pressure catalyst characterization methods, surface science techniques, quantum chemical calculations and statistical simulations. The research group is very multi-disciplinary, spanning physics, chemistry, chemical engineering, and mechanical engineering.

Recent Publications:

  • Ryan C. Nelson, Byeongjin Baek, Pamela Ruiz, Ben Goundie, Ashley Brooks, M. Clayton Wheeler, Brian G. Frederick, Lars C. Grabow, Rachel Narehood Austin, “Experimental and Theoretical Insights into the Hydrogen-Efficient Direct Hydrodeoxygenation Mechanism of Phenol over Ru/TiO­­2,” ACS Catalysis, 5 (2015) 6509,
  • Cody Newman, Xiaobo Zhou, Ben Goundie, I. Tyrone Ghampson, Rachel A Pollock, Zachery Ross, M. Clayton Wheeler, Robert W Meulenberg, Rachel Narehood Austin, Brian G Frederick, “Effects of support identity and metal dispersion in heterogeneous ruthenium hydrodeoxygenation catalysts,” Appl. Catal. A-General, 477 (2014),64-74.
  • R. A. Pollock, B. R. Walsh, J. A. Fry, I. T. Ghampson, Y. B. Melnichenko, H. Kaiser, R. Pynn, W. J. DeSisto, M. C. Wheeler, B. G. Frederick, “Size and Spatial Distribution of Micropores in SBA-15 using CM-SANS”, Chem. Mater. 23 (2011) 3828-3840.
  • Joseph, J.; Baker, C.; Mukkamala, S; Jensen, B. L.; Beis, S.H.; Wheeler, M. C.; DeSisto, W. J.; Jensen, B. L.; Frederick, B. G., “Chemical Shifts and Lifetimes for Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) Analysis of Bio-fuels,” Energy & Fuels 24 (2010), 5153-5162.
  • D. R. Moberg, T. J. Thibodeau, F. G. Amar, B. G. Frederick, “Mechanism of Hydrodeoxygenation of Acrolein on a Cluster Model of MoO3“, J. Phys. Chem. C, 114 (2010), 13782-13795.

Updated: November 2015