Course Registration Tips for MaineStreet

  1. Identify when enrollment opens
    Check on your MaineStreet account for the enrollment dates and times.
  2. Identify Courses to take
    Check with your Academic Advisor to identify which course to take OR consult your Program of Study.
  3. Search for classes
    Use the “Search for Classes” button to browse through all course offerings in order to select the course that you need. 
  4. Create a wish list
    Add the selected courses to your Wish List.
  5. Validate your schedule
    Make sure you click the “Validate” button in your wish list in order to make sure that you have met all prerequisites for the courses you would like to enroll in.
  6. Enroll
    If you met all prerequisites (if any), click the “Enroll” button, and YOU DID IT!

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course registration tips for mainestreet