UMS Active Directory Project – UAD

Did you ever wish that you didn’t have to remember a different username and password to access your computer and other online resources? Have you ever been confused about how to get common software applications like MS Office, Matlab, or SPSS?  Do you wish you could easily find and connect to other printers on campus?  You might be interested in a project that is underway called “University of Maine System Active Directory” or “UAD” for short!

What is UAD?

“U” for UMS or University for short,  and “AD” for Active Directory, which is a Microsoft technology. Active Directory is designed to manage user accounts, passwords and access for groups of computers. UAD will standardize UMS computer-related services resulting in streamlined and improved computing support for users, more secure workstations, and flexible self-service options for users.

What will UAD provide?

    • Improved Security of user information
    • Easy Single-sign-on to computers using credentials
    • More efficient and cost-effective distribution of software
    • Proactive alerting of virus infections and other malware
    • Faster initial deployment and re-imaging of broken or infected computers
    • Reliable installation and verification of computer security updates
    • Unified and seamless access to network resources, such as printers and file shares
    • Creation of an authorized device inventory

What’s Next?

The UAD has already been built and the next step is to collect information about University-owned computers to help develop plans for connecting them to the UAD. This will be accomplished on a department-by-department basis, and US:IT will coordinate with departmental leadership to make certain this step is completed with minimal disruption to your work.

Do I have to do anything?

Additional FAQ’s, Privacy and Client Install Information


US:IT would like to thank you for your cooperation and patience during this project rollout and we look forward to serving you in a more up to date, secure, and streamlined computing environment on this campus and throughout the University of Maine System.