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Information Technology

UAD client installers for PC’s and MAC’s

Will this software monitor my activities?

No, these software packages are used to manage computers, not collect data on user activities.  Modern computers automatically log many system events such as software and update installations, logins and system errors.  We use these logs to narrow down the source of computer issues and monitor for security intrusions.  These logs do not include user activity such as websites visited, files edited, etc.

UAD user privacy and monitoring concerns

UAD client installers

For users that are comfortable with the installation of software into their computers, select the appropriate UAD Client to install for your device.


SCCM Client

US:IT workstation management client for Windows PCs


JAMF Client

US:IT workstation management client for Mac Computers


For users that would prefer installation assistance from UMaine IT Support Services visit,

Request UMaine IT Support with UAD