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What is it? 

Respondus LockDown Browser, along with the optional Respondus Monitor, is a locked browser for taking quizzes and tests in Brightspace and may be required in some courses for your quizzes and tests. 

What does it do? 

The LockDown Browser will prevent you from printing, copying, or visiting other websites while you are taking the assessment for your course.  If the Brightspace test requires a LockDown browser, as designated by your instructor, you will not be able to use a standard browser to take your quizzes and exams.

The Respondus Monitor will record audio and video of you while you are taking the exam.  These videos are then scanned for abnormal behavior (like leaving your desk, two students sitting together, a different student, or using other resources like phones or books).  Your instructor will then be able to review your video and anything that is questionable they can discuss with you.   


  • A computer with Windows or Mac running, or an iPad.
  • Built-in or an attached webcam
  • Built-in or attached microphone
  • Download the Respondus software
  • Allow Respondus access to your webcam and microphone
  • May require OS or Browser version updates
  • Close any running applications before the install

Be sure to tell your instructor to allow iPads in their configuration!

  • Respondus will not work on mobile phones.


If this is your option to take the exam, let your instructor know as soon as possible.

If you are unwilling or unable to do these steps you must discuss options with your faculty member as soon as possible. 

What about my data?

Respondus provides the following about using LockDown Browser and Respondus Monitor.


Download & Install Respondus for Windows

Download Respondus Lockdown Browser for Mac 

Download Respondus Lockdown Browser for iPad