UMS Accounts

Your UMS account provides universal access to the following systems on campus:

Activate UMS Account

New students and employees are assigned inactive accounts when they first register or are hired. The inactive accounts cannot be used until the student or employee goes through an “account activation” process.

To activate an account, the account holder uses his/her id number (student id number or employee number), and a special “activation key.” As part of the registration process, each new student is sent a letter containing his/her user name and an activation key. New employees will be contacted and given their activation keys. Employees and students can also obtain activation keys from the computer helpdesk on their campus.

Once the activation key is obtained, to activate the account, the employee or student uses a web browser on an Internet connected computer to visit the UMS Account Information Page. When an account is activated, the account owner sets a password for the account. This password must be at least 6 characters long and may not be all letters or all numbers (use a mixture).

Once the account is activated, the student or employee can use it. The account will remain active as long as the person continues to be a student or employee. During the activation process the account holder supplies three questions and answers. These can be used to reset the password if the student or employee forgets it. To reset a password, visit the UMS Account Information Page.

Obtaining a UMS Account


Anyone registered or accepted as a student at any of the campuses of the University of Maine System (or any person taking courses through a UNET Center or ITV Site) is given a UMS account. The account will be valid as long as the student is registered. Once the student is no longer in our student database, the account will be removed.

Faculty and Staff

All employees of the University of Maine System (any campus, the System or other University organization) have been assigned UMS accounts. In the case where the employee has more than one UMS account, one will be designated the “primary” account – the primary account is used for signing in to the HR system, and where important e-mail may be sent.
Employees can apply for special purpose accounts – for example, mainframe research or administrative accounts. These special accounts are assigned on a need basis only. To apply fill out the Request for Services form and send it to Operations, UNET, Neville Hall, University of Maine, Orono, ME 04469. Operations staff can be reached at 207.581.3552.