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Information Technology

Departmental Wireless Pay-to-Print

Similar to PrintFromAnywhere, several departments on campus offer pay-for-print solutions to their students. The system is similar, but is specific to each department that offers printing. Below are instructions and installers.

How to Use

  • Download and extract the package for your location.
  • Right-click on the package and select Run as Administrator.
    • Note: On Windows 10, you may be prompted that Windows SmartScreen is blocking the application, click More Info and Run Anyway.
  • After the package loads, click Install.
  • When the installation finishes you will see the message “Install finished successfully.” You can now push the Finish button.
    • Note: You may get prompted by your firewall to Unblock this application. Please select Unblock to allow printing.
  • Once you press Print, a window will popup asking what you would like to name the print job. Enter your UMS Username (the same as Mainestreet and Gmail). Once you have entered a name, press Print.
  • Finally, proceed to your printer and swipe your Mainecard at the Release Station. A list of print jobs will appear, select the one that matches the name you entered in the previous step.
  • Verify the cost at the bottom is correct and press Print. Your document should now print from the nearby printer.
  • Your document will remain in the print queue for two hours.  After two hours it will be purged from the queue and you will need to resend the job to the printer.

Business School

Location: DPC 113 & DPC 205


Business School DPC 113 and 207 Pay-for-Print

Installer for Business School Printers located in DPC113 and DPC207.


Civil Engineering 

Location:  Boardman 1

Price: $0.04 / page


Mechanical Engineering TheHub (Boardman 218)

Location: Boardman 218

Price: $0.04 / page


Mechanical Engineering TheHub Pay-for-Print

Installer for Mechanical Engineering TheHub Printer located in Boardman 218.


Machine Tool Lab

Location: MTL 106 & MTL Lobby

Price: BW – $0.04 / page | Color – $0.20 / page


Machine Tool Labs Pay-for-Print

Installer for the Machine Tool Lab printers located in MTL 106 and lobby.