IT Service Catalog

UMS IT is pleased to announce our first iteration of an IT service catalog. It serves as a new way to access and request information regarding IT services.

How to Access the Service Catalog?
You can access the service catalog by visiting the Technology Support page from your MyCampus Portal or using the direct link to the IT Service Catalog at

What is a Service Catalog?
The US:IT service catalog provides an organized collection of services that are available to the UMS community. The web-based service catalog application offers one location to access information about IT services, contacts, and resources. While this is currently not an extensive or all-inclusive list, we will continually add services to the catalog, as well as information about each service, such as: how to request a service and links to support information.

Why an IT Service Catalog?
You may be familiar with IT services, but it can sometimes be difficult to know whom to contact for what. The service catalog was developed to:

  • Provide one central source of information in a standard format.
  • Enhance the understanding of what IT provides.
  • Improve customer service by integrating with help desk and support activities.
  • Provide a regularly updated web presence for US:IT services which are accurate, current, and contains timely information about new and changing services.

How does the Service Catalog Work?
The web-based service catalog is broken up by categories, and then into services. It was designed as an easy way for customers to navigate the inventory of services.  Each service will have a subset of service offerings and will include a brief description of what is provided and to whom. Each may also include links to additional information. Also, there is a search function to browse by category or filter by keyword as well as an A-Z listing to quickly locate specific services.

How do I provide feedback?
To provide comments and suggestions on our services and the IT Service Catalog itself, click the “Provide Service Catalog Feedback” button at the bottom of each Service Catalog page. All feedback is reviewed by the IT Portfolio Management team and responded to. We are especially interested in how we can make the Service Catalog more useful to you!