Study Abroad Transfer Credit

UMaine works only with fully accredited study abroad programs. All courses offered abroad through approved programs are eligible for transfer credit.

With proper planning, study abroad should not interfere with your time to graduate. It is important to work closely with your academic advisor and the Study Abroad Advisor to determine which courses to take abroad, how the courses will transfer to UMaine, and how they will fit with your degree progress towards graduation. Be aware that:

  • Grades earned abroad are listed on theUMaine transcript but are not computed in the G.P.A.
  • A grade of C- or better is required for undergraduate credits to transfer.    
  • A grade of B is required for graduate credits to transfer.

Categories of Transfer Courses

While preparing to study abroad, students will complete required forms which determine transfer credit equivalencies.

Exact Equivalency are designated only when it is clear from the course description that the content of the study abroad course is equivalent to a course offered at UMaine. For example, “POS 102 Introduction to International Relations” at the American University in Bulgaria transfers as “POS 273 International Relations”.

Same Subject Elective are study abroad courses for which UMaine has a comparable subject area, but not an exact course equivalent. For example, “POS 300 Politics of Latin America” from Costa Rica transfers as “POS 300X Political Science Elective” indicating that the subject area is Political Science, it is a 300-level course at UMaine, and “X” that it is an elective.

General Elective are study abroad courses for which the University of Maine does not offer courses in the specific subject area are listed as “GEL 200X General Elective”.

Study Abroad Transfer Course Equivalency Search

The Office of International Programs has posted in MaineStreet the transfer course equivalencies for some institutions abroad.

Note:  No login is required to use Transfer Course Equivalencies in MaineStreet.

  • Go to MaineStreet
  • Select Transfer Course Equivalencies 
  • Maximize browser window for best display.
  • Select Transfer courses or test credit to the Univ. of Maine System.
  • Select University of Maine at Orono.
  • From the A-Z list, select the first letter of the name of your institution. Please be aware that the names of some universities have been abbreviated.
  • Select your school from the list.
  • Select Show all Subjects or select a subject.
  • Minimize the Menu on left for best display.

Your institution’s courses are listed on the left.  UM’s course equivalent is in the column labeled Target Course.  If the transfer course satisfies one or  more General Education requirements, this information will display in the column to the right.

The Transfer Equivalency Search database displays the course equivalencies but not the credit hours. Credit hour equivalency will be listed in the International Study Away Registration form. Students going on direct exchange programs can find credit equivalency information in the Advising Guides.