Paying your Bill

You will receive a bill when you register for your courses and /or when you are assigned a room on campus. A detailed invoice is mailed to the permanent address or billing address listed in MaineStreet, usually your address  in your home country. The invoice will have a due date, usually 2 weeks before the first day of classes. It is your responsibility to make sure your bill is paid by the due date. Accounts past due are assessed a $100 late fee.

How to pay your bill?

Is someone else is covering a portion of your bill?

If you are a scholarship recipient or graduate assistant, you must submit your anticipated funding on MaineStreet.

Exchange students receiving student or government loans from the home country for the exchange program at UMaine must also submit these anticipated funds on MaineStreet.

You can find detailed instructions on How to Enter Anticipated Resources. Failure to submit the “Anticipated Resources” information by the due date may result in a $100 late fee applied to your account. Be sure to also submit any payment you are responsible for by the due date.