Bringing Dependents

If you wish to have dependents (spouse, children) accompany you to the United States, you must provide documentation of financial support for their estimated expenses ($5,000 per year for the first dependent and $1,500 per year for each additional dependent), name, relationship, date and place of birth and request appropriate immigration documents from the Office of International Programs or your program sponsor. This must be done prior to arrival if you wish dependents to accompany you during the first semester. All dependents in the U.S. must be covered by the University of Maine International Student Medical Insurance or other appropriate coverage.

U.S. immigration law does not allow dependents in F-2 status to work in the U.S. under any circumstances. Study is also prohibited. Dependents in J-2 status may apply for work authorization under certain conditions, but such employment may not be depended upon for basic financial support. Dependents in J-2 status are allowed to study.

To request dependent immigration documents, log in to
Go to “F-1 and J-1 student services”
Complete “Request F-2 or J-2 documents”

OIP will review your request and will email you the I-20s or DS-2019s when they are ready.