Fuoad Saliou-Sulley

Hometown: Kennebunkport, ME. Originally from Accra, Ghana.

College: University of Maine

Major: Bioengineering

What do you love about Maine? The friendly people, the beaches, the landscape and the sunsets in the fall. I am however still working on my love for the cold winters, it’s taking some time though but we’ll get there.

What’s something unexpected about you?  I have an obsession with vintage sport cars, sedans and trucks.

How would you describe yourself in just three words? Audacious, outgoing, resilient

What would you consider your biggest accomplishment? I managed to graduate college debt free mainly by maintaining an excellent academic standing, thus making me eligible for most merit based scholarships, and also due to the fact that I worked full time on the side.

What company are you working for? Sappi Warren Release Papers