An image with a black background and white outlines of porpoise, fish, a pregnant woman with her child visible in her stomach, and a moose over water. Portions of the outline are At left, four fish jump over a porpoise. At middle, the pregnant woman with her child visible in her stomach covers hovers above the water, with one foot touching the surface. At left, a moose.

Generational Trauma

Frances Soctomah 

Two semi-opaque gray blue quadrilaterals lie in front of a swirly sky blue background and above blue-tinted woodland ground images. The gray blue quadrilaterals have text in white. The leftmost quadrilateral is slanted and has a few easier to read phrases such as “out there”, “when I send them”, “I cannot”, “in the story of”.The rightmost text is less slanted, but the quadrilateral is smaller and the text is harder to read.

It Happened This Year

Katarina Hoeger 

This image depicts a mask which covers nearly the entire head except for an open palm sized hole on the crown of the head. The mask is made almost entirely of orange duck tape. From the hole left in the back of the mask an explosion of white hair stylized to look like a mohawk emerges from the mask. The mask is held in place with blue shoe laces that tie in place in two locations, one above the forehead and the other in the back of the head atop of the neck. The mask gives a very claustrophobic feeling since there is a minimal amount of opening for the eyes, nose and ears.

The Mask of the Year

Armando Garma Fernandez

Two sculptural planters made out of paper clay to resemble rocks with plants nested inside them.

Living Organisms

Adriana Cavalcanti 

Blue envelope with a print of a usps mail truck on it.

Postal Project

Rochelle Lawrence 

Artist stand holding white, pink and yellow quilt in front of her. Light streams through the window.

Bonanza Jellybean Quilt

Kate Fogler 

A Walk Through 2020

Kathleen Fraize 

Artist kneeling down in paint covered dress during performance

Because of you

Rebecca Morgan 

a small round clay figure is standing under a large green leaf looking out into the woods.

The Adventures of Fig

Lia Davido 

Full piece, x-ray of hand with embroidery representing veins, and running off the frame.


Jessy Brainerd

Invading Species, 2020 by Thomas R Griffith-Images-Alein-Eyeball plants- Natural materials, 3D Printed PLA, Acrylic Paint, Latex

Invading Spaces

Thomas Griffith 


Ian Beckett

An 18” tall glass cylinder with a wooden lid. Attached to the lid is a small oxygen tank which hangs inside the glass. The valve apparatus that accesses oxygen is situated above the lid. There is an oxygen mask attached to one of the nozzles on the apparatus with plastic tubing. The entire assembly sits on a small wooden table bearing a sign on a wooden panel which says “Oxygen Kiosk” in yellow stenciled letters on a deep green background. On either side of the “Oxygen Kiosk” sits two wooden chairs.

Oxygen Kiosk 

Heidi Kraepel