Would you like to help a student improve their English?

Make a difference in the life of an ESL student. Increase your understanding of global issues. Gain practice and positive experience that showcase your communication, English and/or counseling skills. Volunteer as an Intensive English Institute Conversation Partner.

Connect with us through the Bodwell Center!

Are you a non-native English speaker looking for a conversation partner?

Beginner or advanced, no matter what your level, we’ll gladly match you with the right conversation partner for your needs. Download an application so we can find the right partner for you!

Now a Proud Partner in the Engaged Black Bear Initiative!

Achieve an important, University of Maine verified student engagement milestone by completing the Engaged Black Bear Global Perspectives Learning Pathway (Levels 1, 2, and 3). The Global Perspectives pathway encouraged students to learn about and become involved in global issues on campus, in Maine, and in the world. Earners expand their understanding of and respect for differences and cross-cultural understanding.

Learn more about the Engaged Black Bear Global Perspectives Learning Pathway