**NEW** International Discovery Scholarship

All Fall 2018 and Spring 2019 enrolled students to the Intensive English Institute’s Core Intensive English Program will be granted the International Discovery Scholarship of $2,000. No additional application is required. This scholarship will be awarded upon enrollment in IEI courses at the University of Maine.

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Important Information


All international students and their dependents in the U.S. are required to show proof of insurance that meets the minimal requirements of the University of Maine’s International Student Medical Insurance Plan. If you provide proof of adequate medical insurance coverage, you can waive the fee and can avoid this expense. (Coverage for dependents costs more than the student rate.) Click here for more information.

Payments must be made in US$ to the University of Maine. For more information on fees, rates, housing and tuition. Please visit the Bursar’s Office Website.

IEI Processing Fee and IEI Course Fees are non-refundable. All fees are subject to change.

Core English Language Program Sessions 2021-2022

All sessions include 8 weeks of instruction. Tuition per session is $2,640

Summer 2021

Arrival Day: June 3
Testing Day
: June 4
Orientation: June 4
Class Start: June 7
Class End: July 30
UMaine Fees: $229

Fall A 2021

Arrival Day: August 27
Testing Day
: August 28
Orientation: August 28
Class Start: August 30
Class End: October 22
UMaine Fees: $229

Fall B 2021

Arrival Day: October 21
Testing Day
: October 22
Orientation: October 22 
Class Start: October 25
Class End: December 17
UMaine Fees: $423

Spring A 2022

Arrival Day: January 14
Testing Day
: January 15
Orientation: January 15
Class Start: January 18
Class End: March 11
UMaine Fees: $229

Spring B 2022

Arrival Day: March 18
Testing Day
: March 19
Orientation: March 19
Class Start: March 22
Class End: May 6
UMaine Fees: $423