Your journey abroad begins here.

If you dream of traveling to exotic places, helping people learn, and becoming one of the locals, then perhaps you should become certified to teach English as a Second Language. 

Program Description

The TESOL Certificate Program is designed for students who wish to teach English as a second or other language outside the United States. The program provides an introductory overview of ESL theory and teaching techniques. This non-credit program would be particularly suitable for prospective Peace Corps Volunteers, current university students, or others wishing to live or travel outside the United States while teaching.

TESOL Certificate Programs are taught by instructors with experience in English Language Teaching overseas and in the U.S. This is a hands on course and participants have the opportunity to work  with international students as a student-teacher as well as a conversation partner, and/or small group tutors. Upon completion of this course, students will have a principled base to begin their TESOL experience abroad.

TESOL "Plus"

TESOL “Plus” is a companion program to the TESOL Certificate Program. It offers students a flexible way to complete up to 120 hours with a practicum experience completed through class observation and working with teachers at the IEI. Certificate students are offered a hands on practice working with international students as practice teachers, conversation partners and/or small group tutors.

TESOL/Mexico "Plus"

This companion program is designed for TESOL certificate participants who would like to complete a further 120 hours certificate during a travel study experience. Participants may choose any dates within one month of completing the TESOL certificate course as long as they can make a minimum two-week commitment. Participants do not need to be Spanish speakers.

Dates and Rates

FALL: NOVEMBER 13-17, 2017

SPRING: JUNE 18-22, 2018


• TESOL Certificate Program: $600 total, $100 deposit due with application submission

• Materials included

• Does not include accommodations

• Companion Program: TESOL “Plus” Practicum Experience

• 120 hours of practical work in the field (open to holders of the IEI TESOL Certificate)

• Companion Program: TESOL/Mexico “Plus” Practicum Experience

• 120 hours of practical work as an Assistant Language Teacher (ALT) in Morelia, Mexico (open to holders of the IEI TESOL Certificate)

• Minimum 2 week commitment

• Housing provided at a cost of $70.00 per week

• Does not include food or travel expenses

Course Topics

• Language acquisition theory

• An overview of communicative language teaching

• ESL learning styles

• Schema raising

• Storytelling techniques

• Classroom management strategies

• Conducting a needs analysis

• Planning assessment

• Adapting classroom materials for specific contexts

• Living and teaching in another culture

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