Stopping the Tenure Clock

The University of Maine recognizes the value of providing flexibility during the probationary period for tenure track faculty who are going through childbirth, child rearing, adoption or other exceptional life circumstances. A faculty member may extend her/his probationary period more than once during the probationary period as described below, however, the total of all extensions may not exceed two years. Any extension has no impact on the normal pre-tenure reappointment and evaluation process and timetable.

When preparing the tenure document, individuals who have stopped the tenure clock should include work from the start of their tenure/probationary period rather than only the work from the last five years. A faculty member is not required to take a leave of absence to stop the tenure clock. For more information, see AFUM agreement (PDF).

Childbirth, Child Rearing, or Adoption

In instances of childbirth, child rearing, or adoption, a faculty member may initiate a one-year extension of the probationary period by notifying her/his department head in writing on or before the first day of the academic year in which the extension will apply. The faculty member should also submit a copy of this notice to the departmental Peer Committee. The department head should inform the appropriate dean, Human Resources, and the Provost’s Office of such extensions so that the faculty member’s tenure information in MaineStreet can be updated.

Exceptional Life Circumstances

In cases of exceptional personal and professional life circumstances, a probationary faculty member may request a one-year extension of her/his probationary period. Such requests should be submitted in writing to the department head for review and recommendation to the appropriate dean and the Provost. Such requests should be received by the Provost’s Office on or before the first day of the academic year for which the request is being made. The Provost will review the request and notify the faculty member in writing of approval or denial no later than September 15 of the academic year in which the request is received.

The Provost’s Office will copy the peer committee, department head, dean, and Human Resources of the final decision.

For further information about stopping the Tenure Clock, please contact the Office of Human Resources at 581-1581.

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Child-rearing or Adoption

Exceptional Life Circumstances