Interviews are your opportunity to learn more about the applicants for your position.  Below is information about interviews, but your HRP can consult with you more specifically on any questions you have about the interview process.

  • Treat all candidates fairly and consistently at each particular interview stage
  • Interviews (phone or Skype, in person, second interviews)
  • Develop your interview questions
  • Screening activities
    • Professional presentations
    • Work related scenarios
    • Inbox assessments
    • Writing samples
  • Who outside the search committee should have an opportunity to meet with candidates?
    • Deans, Directors, Department Chairs, Representatives from other departments
  • Reference checks
    • Please respect a candidate’s wishes about which references should be checked.
    • You may contact other people, other than those listed by the candidate.  However, please contact the candidate before doing so.
  • Interview Guide