Entering time for an administrative holiday

Administrative Holidays are declared at the discretion of the Chancellor. No specific days are specified in the contracts and their occurrence varies from year to year. Most often they occur during the Holiday period at the end of the calendar year. Not all Administrative Holidays will be for an entire day, but rather will be for only part of a day. Administrative Holidays are different from Administrative Leave (e.g. snow days) which have separate Time Reporting Codes (TRCs) and different guidelines.

Administrative Holidays are compensated at straight pay. If employees are required to work during the Administrative Holiday period, they will receive both straight pay for the time worked as well as the Holiday pay. Additional pay is not granted to employees who were not scheduled for the Administrative Holiday period.

Separate instructions are available for reporting time on Regular Holidays and Family Holidays.

Note: The example below uses the example from 2005 of an Administrative Holiday being declared from 12:00 Noon to 12:00 Midnight on Friday, December 30, and also accounts for the Christmas Holiday being observed on Monday, December 26th. Always check the memos from Human Resources as to the exact times and dates of any Administrative Holidays.
Not Working the Holiday

In the first example, the employee normally has an 8:00 to 4:30 schedule, and will work the morning of the 30th before the Holiday begins, but the last four hours will be recorded with the HOL code.


In this example, the employee has arranged with her supervisor to use vacation that morning and take the entire day off. Only the time before the Holiday begins needs to be accounted for with the VAC code. Again HOL is used for the afternoon.


Working the Holiday

When working the holiday, time needs to be properly entered so that time is paid both for the holiday as well as the time worked on the holiday. HOLAD is used in addition to the HOL code to indicate time worked. In the example below, an employee normally works a 40 hour schedule Monday through Friday. She works from 8 to 4:30, and the Holiday starts at Noon, so she enters 4 hours of REG, 4 hours of HOL and 4 hours of HOLAD for Friday.


Other employees may be asked (or request) to earn compensatory time in lieu of the pay for the holiday. By using the correct comp code, time will be saved. Note that the comp time is recorded at the same amount as the time worked.


The code (CMNSV) used above is for Non-Represented employees. Employees represented by ACSUM should use CMCSV, those in Service and Maintenance should use CMMSV and those in the Police unit should use CMPSV.

Working Over Schedule on an Administrative Holiday

When an employee works over their normal schedule for an administrative holiday, any hours worked in excess of their normal schedule should be compensated at the times two (x2) rate. (Which is equal to the rate paid of compounding HOL and HOLAD.)

Consider an employee staying an extra two hours over their normal schedule on the day of the holiday, they would enter an additional two hours as ADMX2 to receive pay for those hours.


On the other hand, if the employee was receiving comp time for their time worked, they would use the appropriate comp code for x2 comp time earned, and double the number of hours claimed. Here the two extra hours worked is claimed as four hours of comp time.


Note: This x2 codes should only be used for time worked during the holiday, time worked outside of the normal time periods should be recorded as overtime. So in our example with a holiday starting at noon, if the employee came in early that morning the normal overtime or callback rules would apply.

Shift Considerations

Employees who work shifts should also enter the shift code for holidays. Whether worked or not, the employee is entitled to the shift differential. In the example below the employee works 8 hours of shift each day, including the holiday and enters shift accordingly.

(The above example assumes a shift period in which all scheduled hours fall during the hours of the Administrative Holiday.)

Other Situations

Please feel free to contact the payroll office, either by phone or sending an email to  payroll@maine.edu if you have questions about entering time whether for yourself or by employees you supervise.