Entering time for administrative leave

Payroll – Entering Elapsed Time for Administrative Leave

Administrative Leave is declared at the discretion of campus presidents and applies individually to each campus. Each period of administrative leave will have a designated starting and ending period clearly communicated by Human Resources following the conclusion of a leave period. Administrative Leave is different from Administrative Holidays which have separate Time Reporting Codes (TRCs) and different guidelines.

Administrative Leave is compensated at straight pay. If employees are required to work during the Administrative Leave period, they will receive both straight pay for the time worked as well as the leave pay. Additional pay is not granted to employees who were not scheduled to work during Administrative Leave period.

Only essential employees should report to work during administrative leave periods. Please consult the University’s Inclement Weather Policy as well as being familiar with your department’s procedures during storms and emergencies.

Note: The examples below use the occasion in 2007 of an Administrative Leave being declared from 7:00 AM on Wednesday, February 14th through 7:00 AM on Thursday, February 15th. Always check the memos from Human Resources as to the exact times and dates of any Administrative Holidays.

Staying Home During the Leave

In the first example, the employee normally has an 8:00 to 4:30 schedule, is non-essential and stays home during the leave period. The code ADMLV is used to designate paid time during an Administrative Leave.


In the second example an employee works a 6:00 to 2:30 schedule and is not able to make it to work Wednesday morning. They need to use leave time (vacation) to fill the hour until the leave period begins. However, when they begin work on Thursday at 6:00 they also need to reelect the hour worked before the leave period ends. Working during the leave period will be covered in more detail in the next section.


Employees normally not scheduled to work during the period of an Administrative Leave do not recieve any additional pay and should not report time for that period.

Working During the Leave Period

Employees working during the leave period need to properly enter their time so they are correctly compensated. The code ADMWK is used to indicate time worked during the leave and is used in addition to the ADMLV code.

The example below shows an employee, designated as essential, working her normal 8 hour schedule during the leave period.


If the employee normally worked an 8 hour schedule but only came in for four hours before being released by her supervisor, she would report 8 hours of ADMLV and 4 of ADMWK.

Other employees may be asked (or request) to earn compensatory time in lieu of the pay while working. By using the correct comp code, time will be saved. Note that the comp time is recorded at the same amount as the time worked.


The code (CMNSV) used above is for Non-Represented employees. Employees represented by ACSUM should use CMCSV, those in Service and Maintenance should use CMMSV and those in the Police unit should use CMPSV.

Working Over Schedule during Administrative Leave

When an employee works over their normal schedule during administrative leave, any hours worked in excess of their normal schedule should be compensated at the times two (x2) rate. (Which is equal to the rate paid of compounding ADMLV and ADMWK.)

Consider an employee staying an extra two hours over their normal schedule on the day of the leave, they would enter an additional two hours as ADMX2 to receive pay for those hours.


On the other hand, if the employee was receiving comp time for their time worked, they would use the appropriate comp code for x2 comp time earned, and double the number of hours claimed. Here the two extra hours worked is claimed as four hours of comp time.

Note: The x2 codes should only be used for time worked during the administrative leave, time worked outside the leave period should be paid as overtime. So in our example with the leave period beginning at 7 AM, if the employee came in early on Wednesday the normal overtime or callback time reporting rules would apply.

Shift Considerations

Employees who work shifts should also enter the shift code for adminisrative leaves. Whether worked or not, the employee is entitled to the shift differential. In the example below the employee works 8 hours of shift each day, including the leave day and enters shift accordingly.


(The above example assumes a shift period in which all scheduled hours fall during the hours of the administrative leave.)

Other Situations

Please feel free to contact the payroll office, either by phone or sending an email to payroll@maine.edu if you have questions about entering time whether for yourself or by employees you supervise.