Resident Wi-fi Policy

Help Keep the UMaine Wireless Network Stable for Everyone

Using your own wireless router actually degrades the performance of the University’s wireless network:

  • Our networks are most reliable when interference is minimized so no other “rogue” access points (use of personal wireless routers) is essential
  • Unmanaged wireless routers compete for available radio spectrum
  • It is against University policy to deploy your own wireless router*

Your cooperation and compliance is greatly appreciated to benefit you and all your neighboring students.

*University of Maine Radio Spectrum (Wi-Fi) Use Policy:

Any member of the University community who intends to deploy any device that has the potential to interfere with the University wireless network is required to consult with UNET (Manager of Network Operations, 207.561.3507) to resolve any potential security, interference, or capacity issues prior to deployment of the device(s).

Any device transmitting in the 2.5 GHz band used by IEEE 802.11b/g devices or the 5 GHz band used by IEEE 802.11a devices may have the potential to cause interference with the campus wireless infrastructure. This list of frequencies may be extended to other bands as new technologies (such as the proposed IEEE 802.11n specification currently under consideration) become available and are deployed by the University in its wireless infrastructure.

The University reserves the right to monitor the campus network to find interfering devices when performance is degraded or interference is suspected. If a device is found to interfere with the reliability, integrity, or security of the wireless network, the responsible party or unit is required to work with UNET to resolve the issue. Cooperation by University members in reducing or eliminating such interference is required.