Hart Hall

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Hart Hall is named after James N. Hart, the University’s first dean and acting president. Hart was originally an all-male dormitory, but has been coed for many years.

Located on the west side of campus, Hart Hall is next to Wells Central. It is a short walk from Alfond Arena, Alfond Stadium, and the New Balance Field House.

Room Dimensions

Single: 16’8″ long, 8’7″ wide and 7’6″ highHart Hall room floor plan
Double: 16’9″ long, 12’3″ wide and 7’6″ high


Double rooms have two closets, bookshelves, dressers, desks, and chairs.

  • Windows
    • Single: 48.5″ long, 55″ high (no depth available)
    • Double: 95″ long, 55″ high (no depth available)
  • Closets
    • 46.5″ long, 28″ wide (depth) and 65″ high. Rod to floor: 53.5 inches.
  • Bookshelves
    • 26″ long, 7.5″ wide (depth) and 25″ high
  • Desks
    • 42″ long, 24″ wide and 30″ high. Maximum height underneath: 26 inches.
    • Standard chair included
  • Dressers
    • 36″ long, 22″ wide (depth) and 39.5″ high



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