Bed Lofting Options for Resident Halls

Bed lofting requests are made after your room has been assigned. Request your loft online prior to arrival on campus. All rooms will have the standard setup

Housing residence life student with standard loft bed
Standard Height

unless you request another. High loft requests will be approved according to the room configuration, and are not guaranteed.

Standard Height

Bottom of frame: 15.5″ high; top of mattress: 24″ high


Bottom of frame: 27.5″ high; top of mattress: 36″ high

Housing residence life student with mid loft bed
Mid Height

High Loft

Bottom of frame: 51.5” high, top of mattress: 60” high

Bunk beds

Bottom bed: Bottom of frame: 10” high; top of mattress: 21.5” high
Top bed Bottom of frame: 51.5” high; top of mattress: 60” high (may be lower depending on sprinkler location)

Request a Lofted Bed
Housing residence life student with high loft bed
High Loft

See our lofting options [PDF] with measurements and empty room photos.

All standard beds are 80″ long (Twin XL sheet size). Students who are 6’5″ or taller may request an extra long (84″) bed through myHousing.