Current Resident Information



All residence halls are open for the Fall Break and Thanksgiving Break. Continuous housing halls Kennebec, Knox, York and DTAV/Patch are open for all breaks, including the winter break and spring break. All halls except Kennebec, Knox, York, Stodder and DTAV/Patch will close for Winter Break at 5 p.m. on Friday, December 21, 2018 and will reopen on Sunday, January 20, 2019.  Students assigned to continuous (break) housing will be required to register online if they plan to stay on campus for all or part of the Winter and Spring breaks.




Maintenance Requests


Resident Wi-Fi Policy


MicroFridge Rentals

The MicroFridge® appliance is approved for use in University of Maine residence halls. This is the only option if you would like BOTH a microwave and a refrigerator for your on-campus room. For more information and to rent or buy a MicroFridge®, please visit the UMaine-approved University Logistics website.

You may also call University Logistics with any questions about the MicroFridge® or ordering information at the MicroFridge® Student Rental Call Center at 1.800.525.7307. A MicroFridge® Brochure is also available.


Laundry Rooms – click here to see the features & benefits of LaundryView from the Mac-Gray Corp. Always know what machines are available, busy or when your machine will be done! Check it on your computer or mobile device in addition to getting text alerts when your washer or dryer completes its cycle.

Each semester every resident student receives $25 in Laundry Funds, and then after that students will have to use their Black Bear Bucks declining balance account on your MaineCard ID since these machines will not accept coins or cash.

Property Insurance
We strongly encourage all residents to insure their personal belongings. Please check to see whether  your personal belongings are covered by your family’s homeowner policy while you are enrolled. If not, please be aware that comprehensive, affordable property insurance specifically designed for college students is available through CSI College Student Insurance.

General Information

Disability Access

  • Students who present with physical or psychological disabilities that are documented by a qualified medical provider may request special housing/dining accommodations.  To request accommodations please contact Student Accessibility Services via phone at 207.581.2319 or fax at 207.581.9420.