Roommate Matching

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First Year Student Roommate Matching

An email was sent out recently by My College Roomie in error. My College Roomie is closed. If you did not match up with a roommate, you will be assigned a roommate in your major or college, if possible.

Although the window to create new profiles in My College Roomie has closed, students who have activated their My College Roomie profiles have until May 30 to find and submit a roommate match.

Use My College Roomie to find your perfect roommate!

  1. Confirm your admission to UMaine
  2. Complete your housing application in myHousing

Once you have completed these tasks, an invitation will be sent to your UMaine email address. It prompts you to create a profile in My College Roomie.

Please Note

Your ability to log into My College Roomie will not be active until the invitation email is sent.

  • Deadline to log into My College Roomie: May 15, 2020
  • Deadline to match with your roommate: May 30, 2020

Room With Someone New

First year students can log into My College Roomie, create a profile, and complete the questionnaire. Then you can look at other student’s profiles and view your compatibility. You can send messages to any or all of your suggested matches to connect further.
As an added bonus, you can utilize My College Roomie to network with potential new friends!

Select Your Roommate

When you’ve decided, request each other as roommates.

Need help or want to check it out before you jump in? Visit the My College Roomie support/solutions page to find videos on how the program works, how to get started, and more. If you still have questions, submit a help ticket from the support page.