History and Philosophy of Astronomy



  1. Thought most discoveries are intentional, rather than accidental
  2. Thought Russia and West did not exchange information about space
  3. Thought Newtonian physics is exactly correct
  4. Thought that the U.S. put the first spacecraft in space
  5. Thought John Glenn was the first astronaut on the moon
  6. Thought Lance Armstrong was the first astronaut on the moon
  7. Thought Americans were the first to photograph the moonh
  8. Thought only the first trip (Apollo 11) landed on the moon
  9. Thought Columbus proved the world was round
  10. Thought the moonlanding was a hoax
  11. Thought a.m. and p.m. are terms from the bible
  12. Thought Neil Armstrong was not the first astronaut on the moon
  13. Thought Neil Armstrong was not the first astronaut on the moon
  14. Thought helium was first discovered on Earth
  15. Thought Newton invented the idea of gravity
  16. Thought fewer people have walked on the moon than actually have
  17. Thought that more than 100 people have already landed on the Moon
  18. Thought that the Russians have landed people on the moon


  1. Thought astronomers knew more about the universe than they do
  2. Thought that astronomical information is always correct
  3. Thought all astronomers are observers or use telescopes
  4. Thought astronomers spend most of their time looking through telescopes
  5. Thought that astronomical figuring of mass, distance, and temperature of planets is all speculative
  6. Thought astronomy is just looking at stars and constellations
  7. Thought physics has no bearing on astronomy
  8. Thought scientific theories are always discarded, not revised, when shown to be inaccurate
  9. Thought astronomy and astrology are same thing
  10. Thought astronomy could not make predictions about the future
  11. Thought astronomy is only the study of stars
  12. Thought the stars can be used to predict the future
  13. Thought astronomy was mostly guesswork
  14. Thought astronomy was not a science
  15. Thought no “professional” is searching for extra-terrestrial life
  16. Thought we do not know what is beyond the solar system
  17. Thought astronomers know more about Pluto than they do