1. Thought gravity is caused by magnetic fields
  2. Thought gravity is caused by the Earth’s rotation
  3. Thought gravity causes the Earth’s rotation
  4. Thought the Sun was the only source of gravity
  5. Thought the Earth is the only planet with gravity


  1. Thought that gravity existed only on Earth
  2. Thought only large bodies of matter have gravity
  3. Thought only the solid parts of the Earth, not the oceans, gravitationally pull on the moon
  4. Thought only Earth had gravity
  5. Thought gravity does not exist in empty space
  6. Thought the Sun does not have gravity


  1. Thought gravity should eventually pull all planets together
  2. Thought gravity only affects “nearby” objects
  3. Thought the Sun’s gravity keeps the moons in orbit around their respective planets
  4. Thought objects falling down towards Earth move in straight line as seen from Earth
  5. Thought the moon’s gravitational pull on the Earth is less than the Earth’s on the moon
  6. Thought heavier objects fall at a greater rate
  7. Thought that gravity keeps stars from collapsing


  1. Thought that gravity is the strongest force in nature
  2. Thought gravity travels faster than the speed of light
  3. Thought orbital periods of any body depend on its mass
  4. Thought gravity can be turned on and off in special chambers
  5. Thought gravity and electromagnetism are the only forces in nature
  6. Thought satellites need continuous power to stay in orbit around the Earth
  7. Thought the laws of Gravity applied everywhere
  8. Thought gravity is the only force of nature
  9. Thought gravity depends on size not on mass
  10. Thought gravity is not the weakest for of nature
  11. Thought one planet’s gravity does not affect another planet