Interstellar Space


  1. Thought space between stars is completely empty
  2. Thought it is warm in space
  3. Thought we can hear sound in space
  4. Thought there is air in space
  5. Thought there is friction in interstellar space
  6. Thought there are not clouds in interstellar space 5 SE/SM ("I don't see any")
  7. Thought planes could fly in space
  8. Thought the Ring Nebula is really a ring
  9. Thought nebulae glow from their own energy
  10. Thought planetary nebulas are dust formed from an exploded planet
  11. Thought planetary nebulas are the "stuff" that planets are made from
  12. Thought planetary nebulas are more violent explosions than they really are
  13. Thought "empty space" has no dangers, such as radiation or weightlessness
  14. Thought Nebulae are rings
  15. Thought there are no gas clouds in space
  16. Thought nebulae are clusters of stars