Electromagnetic Radiation



  1. Thought eyes see all colors with equal sensitivity
  2. Thought our eyes see a large fraction of all electromagnetic radiation
  3. Thought our eyes are most sensitive to red
  4. Thought human eyes are sensitive to the entire spectrum


  1. Thought x-rays are most dangerous type of photons
  2. Thought UV are the most dangerous photons
  3. Thought gamma rays turn you into a monster
  4. Thought radiation only refers to dangerous UV, x-ray and gamma rays
  5. Thought infrared is lethal radiation
  6. Thought UVB photons are relatively harmless
  7. Thought all electromagnetic radiation is harmful
  8. Thought x-rays are not dangerous


  1. Thought that white is a color
  2. Thought that white is the absence of color
  3. Thought white is a primary color
  4. Thought the combination of all colors is black


  1. Thought longest wavelength photons carried the most energy
  2. Thought photons are not affected by gravity
  3. Thought photons we can’t see don’t pass through or hit us
  4. Thought photons have mass
  5. Thought photons behave only as particles
  6. Thought photons are particles that make up photographs
  7. Thought cameras are more efficient at gathering photons than they are
  8. Thought photons travel on waves


  1. Thought different kinds of electromagnetic radiation travel at different speeds
  2. Thought the speed of light is the same in all media
  3. Thought light traveled infinitely fast — thought we see things as they are now
  4. Thought radio waves travel at the speed of sound (e.g. radios)
  5. Thought matter could travel at or above the speed of light


  1. Thought cosmic rays are electromagnetic rays of some kind
  2. Thought x-rays are only from doctors and dentists, not made naturally and traveling in space
  3. Thought luminosity depended on distance
  4. Thought there is no way to see through clouds (such as radar does on Venus)
  5. Thought a light year is a measure of time
  6. Thought light year measures quantity of light
  7. Thought visible light is fundamentally different from other em radiations
  8. Thought different kinds of electromagnetic radiation are totally different “things”
  9. Thought laser beams don’t diverge
  10. Thought light is the flow of electrons
  11. Thought all electromagnetic radiation passes through the Earth’s atmosphere
  12. Thought infrared can only be detected at night
  13. Thought light reflects more off a rough surface than a smooth
  14. Thought that all radio waves were created by humans
  15. Thought spectra are all continuous
  16. Thought spectrum of light is the shape the light made
  17. Thought radio waves are shorter than visible light
  18. Thought light only has a wave nature
  19. Thought gamma rays are not real
  20. Thought spectrum could not be used to determine chemical composition
  21. Thought spectra only had to do with the Sun
  22. Thought all em radiation is visible
  23. Thought x-rays, radio waves, and gamma rays only exist on Earth
  24. Thought all light is scattered the same amount
  25. Thought only water and glass scatter light