1. Thought universe is shrinking
  2. Thought everything in universe is accelerating
  3. Thought all galaxies are moving away from Earth
  4. Thought the universe has stopped expanding
  5. Thought the universe is moving, but not
  6. Thought universe is expanding at constant


  1. 1. Thought the universe is smaller than it actually is
  2. 2. Thought time and space are infinite (or universe is infinite)
  3. 3. Thought the universe has always been “huge”
  4. 4. Thought the universe
    is too big to measure


  1. 1. Thought time scales are shorter in astronomy
    than they actually are
  2. 2. Thought God formed everything at one
  3. 3. Thought the universe has existed forever
  4. Thought the universe was younger
    Choose one:

  5. 5.
    Thought we knew precise age of the universe
  6. Thought science has disproved God
  7. 7. Thought Big Bang formation from
  8. 8. Thought the universe will explode
  9. 9. Thought universe same age as solar system
  10. Thought the universe is older than it is
    Choose one:


  1. 1. Thought universe a random bunch of stars and solar systems
  2. 2. Thought we have located the center of the universe
  3. 3. Thought all the matter in the universe was
    accounted for
  4. 4. Thought all chemical
    composition was set by the Big Bang
  5. Thought there was a tiny, massive blob that is the universe before the big bang
    Choose one:

  6. 6. Thought all heat energy from Big Bang is all gone
  7. 7. Thought universe is more “orderly” than
  8. 8. Thought the most common elements in universe are
    those on Earth
  9. 9. Thought Big Bang had effects after explosion (keeps things expanding)
  10. Thought every object in space is spherical
  11. Thought all elements had formed at the same time
    Choose one:

  12. 12. Thought all objects created in the big bang
  13. 13. Thought the universe is just dead
  14. 14. Thought the universe will end when all
    present stars die
  15. 15. Thought the temperature of the universe was
    absolute zero
  16. 16. Thought we can observe the entire
  17. 17. Thought there is something outside the
    universe which the universe is expanding into
  18. 18. Thought cosmology deals with makeup
  19. Thought the universe had no overall shape
    Choose one:

  20. 20. Thought cosmology and cosmogony are the
  21. 21.
    Thought there could only be one universe
  22. 22. Thought there is no sign of the Big Bang left today
  23. 23. Thought Big Bang had been disproved
  24. Thought there are a universal “up” and “down” in the universe