Atomic & Nuclear Physics

Atomic/Nuclear/Particle Physics

  1. Thought anti-particles are science fiction
  2. Thought electrons are hard spheres
  3. Thought an atom is different than an element
  4. Thought all electrons in an atom are identical
  5. Thought neutrons have negative charges
  6. Thought fusion and fission are the same thing
  7. Thought everything has mass
  8. Thought all elementary particles are hard spheres
  9. Thought electrons can exist in any atomic orbits
  10. Thought energy can not be created or destroyed
  11. Thought spontaneous pair production is physically impossible
  12. Thought elements are formed in places other than stars
  13. Thought all isotopes are radioactive
  14. Thought electrons exist in orbits like planetary orbits
  15. Thought protons and electrons are the same except for charge
  16. Thought anti-particles could not exist in the solar system
  17. Thought fusion readily occurs at any temperature
  18. Thought electron orbits are perfectly circular
  19. Thought mass/matter are conserved
  20. Thought nothing is smaller than an atom
  21. Thought mass cannot be converted to energy
  22. Thought the only evidence for neutrinos came from experiments in the polar regions
  23. Thought electrons can’t gain energy
  24. Thought there is no possibility of neutrino mass
  25. Thought electrons, protons, and neutrons always existed
  26. Thought all elements formed on Earth
  27. Thought ions have a different number of protons and neutrons
  28. Thought electrons are not particles
  29. Thought elements have other differences beyond proton number
  30. Thought isotopes have different number of protons