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  1. Thought revolution and rotation mean the same thing
  2. Thought glass is a solid
  3. Thought intuition is a reliable guide to astronomy
  4. Thought theory in science was any idea, not necessarily one that could be tested
  5. Thought distances are determined only by space probes
  6. Thought we could travel to other planets much faster than we can
  7. Thought science progresses in an orderly manner
  8. Thought contact lenses are rubber
  9. Thought matter can be given escape velocity and leave Earth
  10. Thought Angstrom was a measurement of electrical current
  11. Thought objects always spin the same way they revolve
  12. Thought weak force is the weakest force
  13. Thought mass and weight are the same thing
  14. Thought gasses have no mass
  15. Thought the millimeter is the smallest unit of measurement
  16. Thought scientific notation was only used in physics
  17. Thought there is only one force of nature
  18. Thought a lightyear is longer than a parsec
  19. Thought there is only one type of water (i.e. no D2O )
  20. Thought the electromagnetic force is the strongest
  21. Thought water drains differently in the southern hemisphere
  22. Thought forces are always attractive
  23. Thought parsec is a measurement of time
  24. Though magnetic poles of bodies do not move or flip
  25. Thought the Sun was the only source of cosmic rays