Have you ever thought that…

  • The Sun is yellow?
  • The Moon orbits the Earth?
  • Mercury, closest planet to the Sun, is the hottest terrestrial planet?
  • Mars is physically the most similar planet to Earth?
  • Saturn is the only planet with rings?
  • The Moon does not rotate (spin on its axis)?
  • Stars twinkle (rapidly change brightness)?
  • Black holes are black?
  • Comet tails point behind them as they travel through space?

If you think any of these statements are true you harbor a misconception!

This website presents over 1700 common misconceptions that people have about astronomy, along with links to the correct science for many of them. If you wish to learn more about the origins of misconceptions, how they can be corrected, and the details of some of them, check out the book Heavenly Errors: Misconceptions about the real nature of the universe.