Mentor Awards

Mentor Awards 2018


The Graduate Student Government (GSG) is pleased to invite nominations from graduate students for the 2018 Mentor Awards for Graduate Faculty. The awards are given each year to outstanding mentors of graduate students in each of the University of Maine’s five colleges: Business, Education and Human Development, Engineering, Liberal Arts and Sciences, and Natural Sciences, Forestry, and Agriculture.

The criteria for an outstanding mentor are:

Going above and beyond academic and research advising
Offering time, advice, encouragement, or resources above and beyond expectations
Aiding graduate students in personal or professional development.
The GSG Mentor Awards for Graduate Faculty is an opportunity to recognize those individuals who make the graduate experience whole. Any faculty member who has assisted you while you have been at the University of Maine is eligible for a Mentor Award. The nominee does not have to be your major advisor.

Nomination Instructions:

Graduate students may nominate any mentor within their college for consideration. While only one letter may be submitted per nominator, a faculty member may be nominated multiple times by different students. A complete submission will include:

A complete nomination form.
A one page letter of support detailing specific examples of the nominee going above and beyond to mentor you, improve your experience as a graduate student, or contribute to your personal or professional development.
Submission Instructions:

Packets should be submitted electronically as 2 separate pdf attachments attached to a single email to Brian Preziosi, Chair of the Mentor Awards Committee, at

Nominations must be received no later than 4:00 p.m. March, 16th 2018. Late or incomplete nominations will not be accepted.

The five awards will be presented at the Celebrating Scholarship event on April 19th at the Collins Center for the Arts. The awardees will be presented with award plaques and a membership to the University Club. All nominees will be notified that they have been nominated, but the names of the nominator will remain anonymous (you are, of course, welcome to let your mentor know of your nomination). Winners will be announced in early April.

If you have any questions about the Mentor Awards or the nomination process, please contact the Chair.

Previous Faculty Mentor Award Winners

Permanent Plaque Hanging in Fogler Library

Awardees for 2016 onward:

College of
Education and
College of
College of
Liberal Arts and Sciences
College of
Natural Sciences, Forestry, and Agriculture
2016-2017 Michelle
Gayne, M.Ed.
Aria Amirbahman, Ph.D., P.E. Rebecca
Schwartz-Mette, Ph.D.
Zydlewski, Ph.D.
Jones, Ph.D.
2017-2018 Catharine
Biddle, Ph.D.
Howell, Ph.D.
Samuel T.
Hess, Ph.D.
Maginnis, Ph.D.

Miles, Ph.D.