2021-2022 GSG Award Winners

Provost's Innovative and Creative Teaching Award

Martha Gladstone  

Martha Gladstone

  • Graduate Program: Prevention and Intervention 

“I am a 1981 graduate of UMaine in Elem Education. I received my Master’s in Literacy Education and my CAS in Ed Leadership from UMaine. I am currently a doctoral student in Prevention and Intervention with a focus on Social-Emotional Learning. My research will be in the area of Preservice Teacher’s own Social Emotional Capacities. I believe we can strengthen those capacities prior to going out into the field so those novice teachers will not only have the ability to teach Social Emotional Learning skills to their own students, but also have the capacity themselves to withstand the pressures that new teachers encounter in the classroom and within their job. We have novice teachers leaving the field at alarming rates and we need to better prepare them for classrooms of today which we know are filled with students experiencing their own trauma and challenges. Currently, I teach EHD 101, The Art and Science of Teaching, and EHD 301, Classroom-based Prevention and Intervention: Supporting Positive Behavior and Academic Achievement. I also serve as the advisor to the Student- Maine Education Association on campus.”

Dean of the Graduate School Undergraduate Mentoring Award

Caitlin Wiafe-Kwakye

Caitlin Wiafe-Kwakye

  • Graduate Program: Microbiology

Graduate Faculty Mentor Award

Dr. Jared Talbot 

Dr. Jared Talbot

  • Assistant Professor, School of Biology and Ecology  
  • Highlights: Dr. Talbot studies the cellular processes that generate muscle tissue in embryos in order to understand the root causes of human muscle disease. The doors to his lab opened in fall of 2019 and he was nominated by a graduate student in his lab, Teresa Easterbrook, who spoke very highly of his structured mentoring approach.

Dan Sandweiss Graduate Student Advocacy Award

Sabrina Murray (Graduate Student in the Masters of Student Development in Higher Education Program)

Sabrina Murray



Student Innovation Commercialization Award

Jake Snow (1st Place) 

Jake Snow

  • Graduate Program: Forest Resources  

Md Ikram Hasan (2nd Place)

Md Ikram Hasan

  • Graduate Program: Forest Resources 

“Ikram works on high gas barrier application of virgin and recycled wood fibers. Specifically, his award-winning project involves converting recycled cardboard containers, a low-cost and less energy-intensive source for cellulose nanofibril production, into a high oxygen barrier, UV-protective film at high relative humidity. His product has the potential to replace petroleum-based packaging materials with a biobased renewable alternative for prolonged food shelf life.”

Richa Arya (3rd place)

Richa Arya

  • Graduate Program: Food and Nutrition Sciences/School of Food and Agriculture

“My research project is to develop and optimize a forced air oven drying method as a post-harvest processing method that can increase the shelf life of seaweed and study the effect of drying on the survival of pathogens inoculated on seaweed. ”

GSG Senators of the Year

Alexander Rezk (Ph.D. student, Anthropology and Environmental Policy)


Benjamin Markey (MS student, English)