Grant Readers

The Graduate Student Government encourages graduate students from all disciplines to volunteer as grant readers to ensure that an interdisciplinary panel reviews GSG grant applications. This is a great way to learn the process and prepare yourself for applying for a grant in the future. Many graduate students have found volunteering as grant readers to be a valuable experience. You may request to serve as a grant reader in either the travel-to-present or degree-related categories. All grant readers are required to score grants according to the rubric and attend a 2 hour session to discuss scores with the Grant’s Officer. Lunch is provided as a thank you for your efforts.

If you are applying for a grant you may serve as a grant reader in the opposite funding category to avoid conflicts of interest. Please note that as of Fall 2016, if your grant is approved for funding you are required to serve as a grant reader in the next funding cycle.  Exceptions include graduation, extensive off-campus field work, and medical issues arising. Please contact the Grants Officer with questions (


Grant Readers’ Instructions

Grant Readers’ Scoring Sheet