Engineering in the Natural Sciences (Interdisciplinary PhD)

A casual look at the map of the United States makes one aspect of Maine clear, of all the 48 lower states, Maine is notable for the dominant role of the coast in the life, geography, and history of the state. As a program which links the College of Engineering to the School of Marine Science, the I.Ph.D. recognizes the role in the history, life, and future of the state. Students pursuing this program link the biological sciences to engineering while recognizing that students need to have both an understanding of the biology of the ocean and comfort with engineering principles in order to work in the complex ocean envelopment with an acceptable level of anthropogenic impact.

Degrees offered: PhD

Program Format: On Campus

Application deadline: April 1 / November 1

Test Required: GRE

Contact: Andrew Goupee

Contact Email:

Program Website: Engineering in the Natural Sciences (Interdisciplinary PhD)