Maine Card

Your MaineCard allows you to easily and efficiently purchase food at the Union and dining halls, print and photocopy documents, buy school supplies at the University Bookstore, purchase tickets for the Collins Center for the Arts, and more!

In addition Memorial Union, UMaine has several other dining halls and services. Visit Dining Services for more information or view the costs of available meal plans.


General questions:
Visit Graduate Housing

Maintenance requests: Contact Auxiliary Services

TV/Phone/Internet concerns: Contact IT services

Check Out

Choose one of the following options to check-out of your room in Stodder Hall:

*Express checkout: Should be done if you are unconcerned about damages. Students who use express checkout waive their right to appeal charges. Fill out the form.

*Traditional checkout: Should be done if you are at all concerned about damages. You are able to appeal the decision to charge your account with this option. Contact your Graduate Community Coordinator or a Graduate School staff member to assist you in filling out the Room Condition Form.

When you are ready to check out of your room, please review this ‘to-do’ list:

  • Have you removed all of your belongings?
  • Have you emptied your mailbox?
  • Have you cleaned and arranged your room neatly?
  • Have you removed your trash and cleaned the floor?
  • Have you set up a forwarding mail address? (Update MaineStreet and USPS!)
  • If you have a roommate please come to an agreement for one checkout option

Failure to follow the tasks on this list may result in charges on your student account! The following may be assessed:

  • Room cleaning (per hour charge)
  • Improper checkout
  • Removal of personal belongings (per hour charge)
  • Disposal of property