Communication Template

University of Maine Graduate School
MODEL Communication Plan
Key Messages

Converting Prospects to Applicants:

  1. Send thanks for inquiry/send application/program fact sheet (Graduate School).
  2. Send applicant a note with supplementary forms/program information such as listing of faculty with research interests (program coordinator).
  3. Follow-up message after several weeks – positioning program (program coordinator).
  4. Assign graduate students to email prospective students offer to answer questions.

Timeline:  June to January

Encouraging Completed Applications:

  1. Acknowledgment of receipt of application (Graduate School).
  2. Call student to discuss application and possible funding (program coordinator).
  3. Send applicant a timeline for making admissions decisions (program coordinator).
  4. Contact from potential faculty advisor(s).
  5. Email reminder to complete application (Graduate School).
  6. Acknowledgment of completed application (Graduate School)

Timeline:  October to January

Converting Acceptances to Enrollments:

  1. Admission letter/ setting up FirstClass account (Graduate School)
  2. Congratulations and financial award letter (program coordinator).
  3. Call applicant to talk about research project, length of funding (program coordinator or faculty advisor).
  4. Welcome letter from department chair or college dean.
  5. Email from graduate student to talk about student life.
  6. Invitation to visit campus (program coordinator).
  7. Invitation to orientation program (Graduate School).
  8. Call from alumnus to discuss graduate program/opportunities.

Timeline: January to April