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Our programs combine rigorous coursework and rich field experiences to nurture the skills and knowledge needed to help you address the challenges facing PreK-12 education. Consistently ranked among the top graduate schools for education (both online and overall) by U.S. News & World Report, our Education department offers graduate certificates, master’s degrees, Education Specialist (Ed.S.) degrees, and doctoral degrees. Our outstanding faculty have a wealth of research and practical experience, and will support you in becoming well-versed in areas such as social and emotional learning, educational leadership and policy, and practices to promote diversity, equity and inclusion.

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Graduate Programs in Education

Below is a listing of our educational program offerings. Feel free to explore all of our 140+ graduate programs here.

*= Fully online option available

~=Blended option available


Autism Spectrum Disorders Certificate

Lead the way in supporting students with Autism Spectrum Disorder by incorporating theory and practice in your school or district.

This certificate program will prepare you to assume leadership roles in the development and implementation of educational programs for students with Autism Spectrum Disorder.  Graduates also often find careers in health and human service agencies, educational settings, and assessment and intervention programs.

The program will provide you with the necessary theoretical and applied background you need to provide leadership in developing a sound model of educational and socio-behavioral support.

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Classroom Technology Integrationist Certificate

Jump-start student’s learning with technology and video applications. Learn the tools you need to bring dimension to your classroom.

This graduate certificate is perfect for teachers who want to be more effective and marketable. The certificate will also be a valuable addition in their academic and professional development of school technologists and others who consult in an educational setting.

During your course of study in this program, you will not only work with the theory behind video in education, but will learn new software such as Moodle, WebQuest and Lit Trips, and develop your own Web 2.0 and online constructivist tools in order to engage Pk-12 students with real-world problems and applications.

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Computational Thinking for Educators Certificate

Bring computational thinking to more areas of your K-12 classrooms.

The Certificate in Computational Thinking for Educators is designed to prepare educators to integrate computational thinking skills across content areas, and develop effective strategies to apply computational thinking in their environments. The objectives of the certificate draw from the International Society of Technology in Education (ISTE) Computational Thinking Competencies.

Educators who complete this program will improve and expand their practice through the development of an understanding of the core concepts of computational thinking and be able to facilitate learning environments in which computational thinking practices are integrated across content areas.

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Computing for Educators CertificateStudents in computer lab

Teach coding, computer science and more to grades 9-12

Are you an educator with little to no or moderate current computer science and programming skills? This course will prepare you with foundational coding and database knowledge, enabling you to teach dedicated computer coding and computer science problem-solving courses.

Educators who complete this program will learn the core concepts of computational thinking and be able to facilitate learning environments in which computational thinking practices are integrated across content areas.

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Curriculum, Assessment, and Instruction (Ed.S., M.Ed.)

student building a small structure on desk

Be fully prepared to lead while maintaining a classroom presence.

This program is designed for elementary, middle, and high school teachers, who want to assume more responsibility and larger leadership roles while continuing a career in the classroom. Designed to help teachers enhance the learning and development of students, we offer master’s degrees (M.Ed. and M.S.), which can be completed entirely online or through a blend of online and on-campus courses.

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Early Childhood Teacher Certificate

Be fully prepared to work with young children and their families across a range of settings, including pre-kindergarten classrooms in public schools.

Learn about early child development – both in the classroom and through hands-on learning experiences – and use this knowledge to design, develop, and evaluate authentic learning experiences for young children.

The Early Childhood Teacher graduate certificate allows you to complete the requirements for the State of Maine certification (Endorsement 081: Early Childhood Teacher) to teach early elementary grades, Pre-Kindergarten to grade 3, in public schools and/or to work at the preschool level. K-8 certified teachers can use the four required courses in this certificate in partial fulfillment of the State’s requirements for the 081 Endorsement.

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Education (Ph.D.)

Enhance your position as a leader in education with an education Ph.D. in the concentration that’s the best fit for your future.

Are you a mid-career education professional looking to expand your horizons and stretch yourself academically and professionally? The University of Maine offers a PhD in Education with focus areas in Educational Leadership, Higher Education, Literacy Education, Prevention and Intervention Studies, and STEM Education.

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Educational Leadership (EdD, EdS, MEd)

Become a leader in your school in whatever way best fits your goals.

Our Educational Leadership programs provide both a theoretical and practical understanding of educational organizations, leadership, educational program planning and evaluation, and management functions. With our varying degree levels, you’ll be sure to find the best fit for your goals and lifestyle.

Our MEd and EdS programs will prepare you for PreK-12 public and private schools and other educational agencies. The EdS program offers opportunities for study beyond the master’s degree toward leadership roles, such as school superintendent, curriculum coordinator or to develop research capacities. The EdD program allows you as a scholarly-practitioners to study a problem of practice that informs the analysis of organizational, leadership, and educational practices within PreK-12 school settings.

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French (MAT)

Share the gift of global language at your school.

Umaine’s MAT in French has been designed in collaboration with the campuses of the University of Maine System in order to best meet the needs of Maine’s schools.

Practicing teachers who are already certified to teach French may opt to take additional courses in their target language, or they may resume the study of a second foreign language at the advanced (400 or 500) level in lieu of taking courses leading to certification.

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High Leverage Practices to Promote Inclusion Certificate

Respond to this critical and growing need for teachers to have appropriate support for serving all students in their classrooms, including students with disabilities, at-risk students, and typical learners.

This certificate program will teach you the practical tools to implement instructional changes that promote diversity and foster inclusivity in classrooms and within the school culture.

High leverage practices (HLPs) are critical to helping students learn and for supporting students’ social and emotional development. Field-based experiences are threaded throughout the program, so you will receive first-hand opportunities to translate research and theory into practice.

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Higher Education – Student Development (EdS, MEd)instructor helps student with homework in a library

Master the intricacies of the higher education organization.

This program provides solid theoretical and practical grounding for student services jobs in increasingly diverse and technologically advanced colleges and universities.

Over the course of your study, you will come to understand institutions of higher learning as complex organizations, with classes focused on student development, socio-cultural identity differences/diversity, ethical professional practice, research, and technological competence. Your course of study is designed around guidelines established by the Council for the Advancement of Standards in Higher Education.

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Human Development (MS)

four people crouching on the floor smiling and using measuring tape

Become a leader in the world of human development.

If you are interested in a leadership position in the field of human development, this program could be a perfect fit. The Human Development masters degree will prepare you for such positions as center director, director of services, program coordinator, case manager, project manager, and more.

This program will also provide you with internship opportunities in human service programs or in applied research mentored by a faculty member.

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Instructional Design Certificate

Advance your teaching abilities across fields. 

The graduate certificate in Instructional Design helps students become leaders in the theory and practice of designing and assessing effective instructional design.

Students in this certificate will gain skills in project management and collaborative work environments and practice effective strategies for coaching and peer mentoring to help motivate and encourage local capacity building.

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Instructional Technology (EdS, MEd)

Gain the skills necessary to teach wherever you go.

This program is designed to help you become a leader in effective and innovative uses of current and emerging technology.

You will engage in inquiry-based curriculum and build capacity to continually assess your local context while building professional learning networks to support ongoing professional development.

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Kinesiology and Physical Education (MEd, MS)

Build the foundation for your career in exercise science or physical education.

In this program, you will work closely with faculty specialists employing the latest technology to measure and analyze physical response, development, and deviation to provide understanding and application of the theory and techniques of kinesiology, health, and fitness.

As Maine’s only NCAA Division I school, UMaine offers a wealth of hands-on and real-world experiences right at students fingertips. Areas of specialization include physical education/teacher education, adapted physical education and exercise science.

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Library and Media Specialist Certificate

Prepare to facilitate and advocate for equitable access of digital and print resources for all students.

Aligning to the current standards for school librarianship by the American Library Association and the American Association for School Librarians, this certificate may be applied toward the Maine 071 Library/Media Specialist Certificate.

Through this program, you will become an effective educator with knowledge of learners and learning in the digital age including instruction, assessment, and curriculum development.

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Literacy Education (EdS, MEd)

Support literacy development in your school and community.

The literacy education graduate program will provide you with the opportunity to explore vital issues of literacy research and instruction with nationally recognized faculty. The programs are designed to engage you in authentic and practical experiences, whether working directly with children or adults in our literacy clinic, engaging with students in their own classrooms, conducting research in field settings, or developing your own writing skills in summer writing institutes.

Graduates of this program emerge as strong advocates for literacy in their schools and communities.

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Master of Arts in Teaching – Secondary Education (MAT)

No matter your education career goals, the MAT will help you achieve them.

This degree in Secondary Education is an accelerated teacher licensure program that leads to initial teacher certification in a designated content area and a master’s degree.

Our faculty have expertise in a variety of educational disciplines and contexts, from Social Studies and STEM Education to rural and urban school settings.

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Master of Science in Teaching (MST)Students in classroom setting

Approved by the National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education.

This program is designed to increase the number of qualified teachers in science and mathematics and to offer a research-based professional development opportunity for pre-and in-service teachers seeking Master’s degrees.

You may use the degree to work toward teacher certification by choosing electives that meet some certification requirements, including a student teaching experience in a secondary classroom.

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Music Education (MMUS)

Become qualified to teach music in schools.

Our Master of Music degree in Music Education is accredited through the National Association of Schools of Music. Individualized curricula are designed to meet students’ interests and needs while offering a balanced program of academic and professional courses.

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Response to Intervention for Behavior Certificate

Lead implementation of support networks in your learning community.

This certificate program will provide you with the knowledge and skills to provide support to students with intensive behavioral needs, provide leadership to their schools, and serve as “coaches” in supporting school implementation.

With this certificate program, you will be able to apply the principals of implementation science to the development of multi-tiered service delivery and understand, from a longitudinal perspective, the key developmental and environmental factors that contribute to the development of prosocial and antisocial behavior.

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Spanish (MAT)

Share the gift of global language in your classroom.

This program has been redesigned in collaboration with the campuses of the University of Maine System specifically to meet the needs of Maine’s schools.

Practicing teachers who are already certified to teach Spanish may opt to take additional courses in their target language, or they may resume the study of a second foreign language at the advanced (400 or 500) level in lieu of taking courses leading to certification.

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Special Education (EdS, MEd)

Help your students by understanding their needs.

Understanding a child’s needs is essential to ensure that he or she receives the proper attention, assistance and intervention to succeed in school. This program will provide you with an understanding of how to apply current evidence-based practices in PreK-12 classrooms for children with special needs.

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Special Education Leadership – Assistant Administration Certificate

four people sitting at a table working together

Positively affect the quality and future of special education and promote the general welfare of children with disabilities

Meet the demand for special education administrators with our online, 12-credit program. Learn to assist in decision-making and providing students with disabilities the proper attention, assistance, and education to help them succeed. This certificate can also lead to Maine certification in Assistant Administrator of Special Education (035) and could lead to earning certification in other states. Additionally, graduates can also find opportunities outside the classroom as educational advocates or consultants or even as political advisers on key legislative topics.

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Try On Leadership Certificatewoman smiling and sitting at a table

Expand your horizons with this exploratory certificate program.

This certificate will provide you with the opportunity to take a closer look at what is needed to move into a higher level of leadership.

This graduate certificate will allow you to apply for the conditional Assistant Building Administrator (045) certification through the Maine Department of Education.

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